Autor: Maciej Schab

Started my career holding a position of president (2000-2004) and then v-ce president (2004-2012) of Consumer Federation (NGO) for the local office in Krakow. Simultaneously, in 2001 I joined international financial group where I undertook different roles in the following areas: sales and distribution sales channels, management quality control, audit, change management. I worked there until 2011. Also, in 2001 I started up my own company which since then has been offering training and consultations in business law, compliance, sales management and general business management. From 2012 to 2013 I was appointed the consultant for Minister of Justice in Poland. My responsibilities included advising on the law regulation and analysis of free market development matters. Currently, I am still involved in few business initiatives and local government projects aiming at developing employment opportunities especially for young people. My experience includes also teaching business modules at high schools and private universities in Krakow. I was commercial director in manufacturing company. Currently, I share my knowledge during consulting projects, trainings and lectures.