Responsibility and loyalty. What if your boss makes mistakes?

page2_img2Errors made by boss is a topic usualy ignored in the discussion of management. What can a worker do when he sees that his boss makes a mistake? What if he makes the mistake again?


Variants and consequences:

Do not react.
Better to keep quiet, because it’s not my fault. But is it ok for company, me and my team?

I go to the boss and inform him about the error.
Maybe the boss will say “you are right, thank you!”. Or maybe not, and I will be now unwanted employee?

I’m going level up and report to boss of my boss.
But maybe I made a mistake, because I’m skipping official way. I’ll be squealer.

I do not execute decisions. I change his decision.
But maybe I make a mistake. It will be my fault and responsibility.

I’m quit.
I give up because I can not stand the stress. But is it a good solution for me – not easy to find a new job.

How to be loyal to each other, the boss and the company?

It is a huge task for managers – to be open to feedback. Workers should have the opportunity to present their opinion – come to the boss and discuss the issue.

John listens to his people, so be such a good boss John.