How to effectively develop the market for the sale in B2B relations?

Here are some of my principles that I use and that work:

Forget that email is the seller.
Electronics tools are not the sales manager. Sells man who uses these tools properly. Take care of direct communication with customers.

Enjoy the various sales channels
Each market, each industry has its own peculiarities. Each customer differently builds its relationships with contractors. Choose the people and tools tailored to the style of relationship-building by the customer.

Develop your employees and team
Continuous improvement of skills of sales staff. Analyze the cause of the failure and show success. Recruit new people. Search for new agents.

Analyzing the market
Find out what’s happening in the market every day, get feedback from suppliers, customers, transportation companies, regularly examine an opinion about you and your business. Be ready for a change.

Always be open to talks
Even if you lose a few times be nice and open to every meeting with a client. You build the confidence when you are showing how to accept failure. Be patient.

Reward yourself and your employees
For a successful stage and final.