Implementing changes in the sales department. Part 5/12. Stage III – Analysis of employees’ competences and division of tasks.

Managerial analysis of employee competences can be implemented based on the following data sources:

  • Periodic severance pay – observation of team behavior,
  • Delegation of special tasks – checking individual managerial competences and potential,
  • Coaching during remote work with clients and visits to recipients,
  • Analysis of developed documents,
  • Periodic interviews regarding job evaluation,
  • Opinions of the direct superior,
  • Analysis of measurable work results,
  • Customer reviews (informal)
  • Customer satisfaction survey, which mainly concerned sales department employees,
  • Evaluation of the quality of cooperation between heads of other organizational units.

Based on the conclusions saved in the form of a checklist resulting from the determination of the team position of individual employees, their competences and the probable source of motivation, it is possible to create a competency model of employees at individual positions in the subordinate division. This model will not result from the system of the entire corporation (if it has not been implemented) but will serve primarily to build a real employee team that can achieve ambitious goals.

The information gathered in previous stages will allow to make further managerial decisions in the field of team development, verification of its members, change of the organizational structure of the division, new division of tasks, and creation of a motivation system.