Implementing changes in the sales department. Part 10/12. Stage VIII – Establishing a hierarchy and structure of responsibility.

Managerial activities in determining the hierarchy of positions in the sales department should be implemented based on three main premises.

  1. Distribution model.
  2. Employee competences.
  3. Customer relations.

An important element of organizational changes is the division of the sales department into employees responsible for sales and customer contact (the so-called Front Office) and employees performing administrative tasks in the field of customer service (the so-called Back Office).

When making organizational changes in the sales department, the following premises can be taken into account:

  • The Sales Department manager should be relieved of direct supervision of operational activities in the field of administrative customer service and delegate some control functions in this area reporting directly to specialist / sales managers (more time for preparation and implementation of strategic tasks),
  • Specialized functions should be taken over by experienced and effective employees who will be promoted (motivation),
  • Customers should be informed about the new organizational structure,
  • New employees should be introduced to work and develop their skills under the guidance of experienced colleagues,
  • Managers / sales specialists should be given greater opportunity for business trips by securing administrative work in the office by their subordinates,
  • As a result of changes, there should be the possibility of exchanging functions and replacing employees (eg greater freedom when planning holidays).

The new organizational chart should also be the basis for developing a payroll throughout the entire commercial division. Based on the pay scale, pay adjustments should be made taking into account employee experience, development prospects and the labor market situation.