How to check your managerial skills during the holidays?

Some managers believe that they have to be constantly in touch with the company when they gone on holiday. For them no access to internet means huge stress. I see two problems based on my own experience:

Internal problem: Lack of contact with my team makes me fear- I’m losing control? Maybe even I’m losing my position in company?

External problem: My staff is still in contact with me. They write text messages, send emails and a call to me.

Both situation mean that you’re badly organized – you are a workaholic or you not prepared your team to work during your absence.

Vacation is not a test to check if you are irreplaceable or not. This period can proves that you properly delegate tasks. It is important that your employees exactly know in what situations must interrupt your vacation and ask you for a decision. Of course there are emergency situations, requiring key decisions.

Well spent vacation depends on your good management.

I wrote this post during my winter holiday.