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IX Forum Sales Performance – Brief introduction

I will soon perform at the 9th Sales Performance Forum. The title of my speech is: Motivational of 21st Century  – Why Automation Does not Work (Motywowanie na miarę XXI w wieku – dlaczego automatyzm systemowy się nie sprawdza).  Now I want to explain what I mean by presenting this issue.

In my opinion, thinking about motivation based on classic motivational theories is insufficient. Today, new employees entering the labor market have grown up and educated in a completely new environment than the creators of these theories. Earlier education was guided by goals: duty, science, responsibility. Today’s cultural patterns encourage us to stress-free consumerism. Young people often have undefined goals and can not find themselves in a new task-based environment. Their resistance to stress is also much lower.

These employee traits create new challenges for managers. They must often clash their patterns with new attitudes. How to effectively manage staff in such a market situation? I will speak about it during my speech.

Lack of motivation? No – sometimes employees are afraid!

page2_img2   In your managing life you can find a lot of talk about motivation as a guarantee of success. For me, a good system of motivation is good for the competent people. Competence is the knowledge and skills. But with the new challenges there is a new problem – the fear. Fears of a new, unknown effects.

My experience… Sometimes people are afraid to go in a new unknown terrain. They do not want to do it themselves. Therefore they expect that the boss will help them overcome the fear.

If you have done a good motivation system, if you have employees with high skills, if you have specified clear goals and plans, and workers still do not enter into new areas, it may be they are afraid? Or they do not like you.