Implementing changes in the sales department. Part 1/12. Characteristics of the problem.

This article begins a series of 12 parts about implementing organizational changes in the sales department. Today, we all have a little more time for conceptual and analytical work. May we come to practice as soon as possible. Let’s prepare for a great dynamic of work after the crisis.

The main task of the sales manager who reorganizes the sales department is to increase work efficiency. Therefore, the goal is to increase the sales volumes of products offered by the company, and increase revenues while maintaining adequate profitability. Realization of the goal requires multi-faceted action covering all areas of the company’s operations. However, focusing on direct contact with current and potential customers, the foundation is to build an effective sales team – motivated to the effort of broad expansion on the domestic and international market.

Initial managerial analysis can reveal many problem areas that negatively affect work results, and cause numerous dysfunctions in collaboration within the team. Here is an example list of problems:

  • Lack of clear division of competences between employees,
  • Overloading tasks of some employees and wasting time by others,
  • Significant discrepancies in remuneration for the same positions in no way justified by skills or the scope of tasks,
  • No delegation of responsibility for carrying out tasks,
  • Lack of reporting system and feedback from managers,
  • Taking over tasks from other organizational units that should not be located in sales department tasks,
  • Lack of preparation for direct work with clients resulting from lack of practice and concerns about their skills,
  • No use of appropriate IT tools for sales support.

As a result, the sales department is characterized by many administrative functions, performing in fact a passive “Back Office” function in relation to customers. The sales model of such an organized sales department is based on old habits, and the poor organization of work and the lack of a system of incentives for employees do not allow for more ambitious sales results. Activities targeted at clients are characterized by stagnation and a lack of willingness, but also a lack of competence and beliefs to change the work model.

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