Lack of employees and the model of functioning of companies in Poland

When I observe the situation on the labor market in Poland, I notice a general problem. Probably earlier this problem concerned the labor market in Germany and England, now in Poland and in the future also in countries such as Romania and Ukraine.

Due to the lack of employees in some segments of the market, Polish companies employ employees from beyond the eastern border. They usually do basic work and after some time have advanced tasks. The purpose of opening the labor market to foreign workers was to maintain low labor costs and competitiveness of enterprises. As it turns out, it was a completely wrong assumption. Polish managers and owners counted on “cheap labor force”. However, new human resources quickly adapted to the market and asked the question: “why should I earn less for the same work”. Foreign employees have entered the labor market consciously.The mistake of Polish companies is that they want to build their competitiveness at low labor costs. They do not notice the upward trend in wages and the inevitable achievement of the European level. Polish companies should think about process optimization, cost reduction and conscious financial management. It is no longer possible to maintain a competitive advantage in a situation where it is built solely on the basis of low wages. There is also the issue of quality about the open labor market. The mobility of employees is also growing – labor market globalization.